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How we run the acquisition process

What We Do

We are primarily interested in acquiring business operating in the following sectors:

  • Building services including but not exhaustive list;
    • Roofing
    • M&E
    • Scaffolding
    • Ground Works
  • Waste Management and Disposal Business
  • Other Construction Commercial Businesses


Our own business activities centre on the Built Construction, Project Management and Property Developments, in addition to business advisory services.

As a team our focus is on growing our Group through acquisition and consolidation of the companies engaged – “Buy, Hold and Grow”.

Our business is run by experienced business owners and entrepreneurs who understand the detail of what it takes to own and operate a successful business. Our past experience provides insight into the trials and trepidations involved with owning and running a business.

You’ll find us to be plain speaking and down to earth as well as a knowledgeable team of professional.

Above all else we are committed to ethical procedures and to provide you the seller with a positive deal.

Ultimately Adapting Capital aim to provide a win win deal for the seller, buyer and Business stakeholders, enabling small and medium sized business owner to exit your business with value but ensuring the doors do not close.

Finance and Deal Structure

We have access to finance from a wide range of 2nd tear commercial funders and we also have a small selected number of High Net Worth investors ready for the special deals. We have the experience and capability to assess and make an offer for your business swiftly – often within days of first contact.

In order to manage your expectations, you should know that 95% of UK deals include an element of “deferred consideration” and we are no different. We will start with the Balance Sheet value today (Shareholder Funds) and then also consider a multiple of real profits to arrive at an Enterprise Value.

Because we are like you, we fully understand that a business can be the biggest asset that people own and as such selling your business should be treated with caution. It is important to us that we treat each potential acquisition as unique and we listen carefully to your wants and needs ensuring all plans and tailored to each customer. This enables our company to confidently state our process.

If you are aiming to retire we understand that continuity of the image and reputation of the business is of the great importance throughout a transition period and into the business future. We at Adapting Capital understand this and will tailor any deal to ensure your confidence in us (buyer) through detailing long and short terms plan for the business and how we will ensure the core of the business remains.

We will look at the historic performance of the business as well as the prospects for decent return on profit after tax over the next four to five years. It your business sound like this then we should talk.

Generally our preferred process is to make an initial payment, typically paid within days of legal completion (portion of the agreed sale price) followed by further payments through a payment structure on a deferred basis, typically between 12-48 months.

Within the sector we have heard of advice being given to take any spare cash out prior to a sale, this is bad advice and will not benefit the owner, business or any stakeholders. If you would like further advice on this please do message us at Adapting Capital.

The Key Benefits of Selling to Us

Direct sale Adapting Capital;

  • No valuation fees
  • Fair, honest and open valuation for your business
  • Flexible, tailor-made solution, with time-frames to suit you
  • Swift offers, typically within days, completion within weeks (subject to receiving your information promptly)
  • No time, uncertainty, stress or hassle wasted on selling via agents or brokers
  • Legally binding contracts written with assurances built in for your protection
  • No Broker or Agent fees
  • We guarantee full confidentiality
  • An offer will be explained in a clear and transparent way, and our final offers will be valid for 30 days
  • No hidden costs, fully transparency is guaranteed