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Our Team

John Parker

Founder and CEO
John has been running construction companies for twenty years. He has been involved in High end residential and commercial refurbishment. He has seen the high and lows of companies throughout his last twenty years in the industry. In recent years he has successfully managed contracts on large commercial new build projects up to £50M with up to 70 operatives under his direct management. ​ John will primarily develop the strategic direction of each acquisition and fully develop future business opportunity. ​ He received a Bachelor of Science from University of Westminster for Quantity Surveyor in 1996.

Guy Bartlett

Strategic Adviser
Guy’s personal experience of acquiring Owner Managed Businesses is extensive, having worked on over 150 deals and acquiring revenues of his own business portfolio of over £20m in the process. ​ He also advises and consults on both acquisitions and business sales for other entrepreneurs and has experience of a very wide range of business sectors and deal structures including hedge funds, venture capital, private equity and commercial debt and finance. ​ In addition to growth by acquisition, Guy has also built three separate businesses from scratch to over 7 figures in sales so he understands in detail the challenges and effort that owner managers put into their businesses

Terry Gormley

Strategic Adviser
Terry is a human behaviour specialist, performance coach and speaker, and has devoted more than a decade of his life to the study of extraordinary thinking. ​ Terry's mission is to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results in their lives, by working with them to transform the way they think so that they can transform their results. ​ He works with business owners, entrepreneurs, sports people, and challenges and provokes each client’s way of thinking, to help them to shape their future and live their lives on purpose. ​ Hence Terry is known as “the Mindshaper”